Esalen 2013 Evaluation

This was an absolutely incredible course encompassing theory, fantastic presentations on neuroscience, discussions, meditation exercises, dancing, personal therapy structures-- all in the framework of trauma. It takes a masterful mature and gifted person to achieve this very holistic form of teaching with any kind of success. Bessel is truly a Master-- and a great change agent (with a compassionate heart) in the world of Trauma. What we have taken from this group will take time to fully incorporate into my being and integrate. It truly reaches beyond "WORDS."

Principles of neuroscience and research were presented (A+). The structures and group process brought this all to life (A+) We learned about Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Pesso's work in the structures portion of the course. Though I was yearning for more didactic information initially, it was really the structural work that became most meaningful.. Meditation and dancing were additionally an integral aspect of this group/course. Dana and Licia are gifted healers and modeled effectively what Bessel was speaking about. I LOVED this group and will do my best to return for ANY of Bessel's workshops.*

The most important concept I gained is-- that humans and the brain have a wonderfully innate capacity to self heal-- The human organism (perhaps like most organisms) move naturally towards integration, connection, wholeness, increased understanding -- or one's own essence, SOURCE, Buddha-- nature-- non-dualism, etc.

I will apply all components of this course to my practice. Mindfulness and more awareness of the body is essential. I will also begin a yoga practice which will enhance my personal and professional life.

When people began to trust the process and gestalt, MAGICAL  things unfolded. This was the best Esalen group in which I have taken part.